About Us

"Before Agha Juice opened its doors in 2004, Kareem Valliani, the owner, discovered that his community was missing a dessert concept. “Back home in Karachi, after dinner we would go out and have dessert. There was no place here for the dessert that we enjoyed back home.” So he bought a small space next to the George Bush Turnpike and covered the walls with bright objects he’d bought in Karachi—objects that Pakistani parents could point out to their American-born children and say, “You see that toy truck? That’s what the trucks in Karachi look like."
From Dallas Magazine

 Our Brand

At Agha Juice, we believe in providing our customers with authentic desserts that embody the taste and memories from back home. We serve kulfis, faloodas, gola gundas, shakes, smoothies, and fresh juices, all carefully prepared with fresh fruits in a clean and pleasant environment.

 Since 2004

We have been operating Agha Juice since 2004 with the original location based in Carrollton, right outside of Dallas, TX. Throughout the years, we have been recognized for excellence in both our products and service.


Our family-owned business is open from lunch to midnight and even later in the summer. Agha Juice will remind you of back home when you relax and enjoy desi music and our delicacies.